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Cape Cod Chamber of Commercewww.capecodchamber.org
Chamber Mission
The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization that advocates on behalf of business to strengthen and promote regional economic vitality while addressing related cultural, environmental and community concerns. We are a catalyst and advocate for a vibrant economic community in order to create a better Cape Cod.

The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping visitors to our region make the most of their vacation experience. Our professional, knowledgeable staff is happy to suggest accommodations, restaurants, transportation services, visitor attractions and more.

Orleans Chamber of Commerce www.orleanscapecod.org
Chamber Mission
The Orleans Chamber of Commerce is a private non-profit membership organization of approximately 300 members which works to strengthen, support and promote the economic viability of our business community and town. The Orleans Chamber of Commerce advocates for approximately 300 members led by a volunteer board of directors who are dedicated to creating a business environment that offers opportunity, sustainable commerce and a place where people of all ages can live and work, while honoring our past and preserving our historic buildings and community traditions.

We manage the Information Centers for the Town of Orleans and provide referrals to our business members through the physical Information Booths, orleanscapecod.org, and by telephone.

Professional Association of Innkeepers International
About PAII
Managing and operating a Bed & Breakfast to provide guests with stays that are rewarding and memorable is a multi-faceted challenge requiring many skills. Finance, management, marketing, technology, cooking, decorating, cleaning, safety, customer service, staffing — the list is practically endless. Where do innkeepers turn to for the gamut of information, education and the hands-on “know-how” needed to be able to deliver these outstanding guest experiences? They turn to one another, which is the reason the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII) was founded.

The story behind the Professional Association of Innkeepers International

In 1988 two innkeepers, Pat Hardy and JoAnn Bell, created the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (PAII) as an outgrowth of their successful monthly newsletter, innkeeping. Their goal was to serve the industry nationally by providing programs and services that would enhance the professional skills of both active and aspiring innkeepers. From a tiny office in Santa Barbara, California, PAII has grown into a national organization of nearly 3000 members. Pat and JoAnn retired from the association in 2002, and turned the successful association over to an industry consortium called the Distinguished Inns Alliance. Today PAII is run by a professional staff based in Charleston, SC. It is governed by a nine person Board of Directors, with assistance and support provided by the PAII Advisory Council along with and numerous committees and task forces, including the Committee of 100, a voluntary group of innkeepers who serve as a ‘sounding board” ensuring we always keep our focus where our members want it to be.

PAII’s mandate is to provide education, information, networking, advocacy, business opportunities and research relating to the innkeeping industry. The monthly innkeeping newsletter lives on, and is supplemented by the weekly INNfo: newsletter as well as our website, http://www.innnkeeping.org/, and a variety of publications on staffing, marketing, operations, legal issues, zoning, safety, finance, and selling an inn. PAII provides continuing education programs in many formats, the largest being the annual Innkeeping Conference & Tradeshow, where experienced innkeepers are challenged and new innkeepers brought up to speed at events featuring dozens of workshops, nationally known experts, and the industry’s largest trade show. But learning extends far beyond the annual conference: interactive Webinars; weekly and monthly e-newsletters; Innkeeping Quarterly (IQ), the industry’s only magazine exclusively serving the needs of the professional innkeeping community; and a variety of areas on our Website, most notably the Online Forums, which bring an invaluable interactive exchange that benefits both posters and readers alike.

PAII also strives to act as a clearing house of information and support for numerous state B&B organizations, attending and participating in many state association and affiliate organization events, as well as hosting an annual national State Leadership Organizations meeting in conjunction with its annual Conference. Furthermore, PAII fulfills its national leadership role by being the voice of the industry, representing the innkeeping profession in Washington, in the media, and where needed to defend the industry.

PAII’s Mission Statement
We are committed to fostering a knowledgeable, caring and conscientious
community of professional innkeepers, networking with each other
throughout the world.

PAII Vision Statement
PAII LISTENS to the needs and desires of the innkeeping community, which includes aspiring, active, interim and retired innkeepers, as well as industry suppliers and allied organizations

PAII SERVES the innkeeping community by connecting people to share ideas, solve problems, build relationships and conduct business

PAII REPRESENTS the innkeeping community through successful public and media relations efforts and public policy advocacy

PAII STANDS FOR a commitment to excellence and professionalism within the innkeeping community and among the general public

PAII LEADS the innkeeping community by supplying progressive, reliable and relevant information, education and resources aimed at supporting individual success

PAII THRIVES as a successful and formidable trade association representing most innkeepers throughout the United States and beyond