Travel Insurance

Most travel experts/consultants agree that Travel Insurance including Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance is one of the smartest investments you will ever make. Most policies cost as little as 3 to 5% of the total trip cost.

Travel Insurance Coverage

Travel Insurance including Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance may reimburse you if your trip has to be changed or canceled because of:

  • Personal sickness or injury
  • Sickness, injury or death of an immediate family member
  • An act of terrorism
  • Severe/Inclement weather
  • Natural disaster
  • Jury duty
  • Employer Termination

During your trip it may also cover the costs of:

  • Emergency Medical/Dental coverage
  • Emergency medical transportation
  • Baggage loss/damage/theft
  • Travel delay or accident

Health Plans Not Enough

Remember, some health plans don’t cover illnesses or injuries away from your home town. Other health plans will cover expenses, but at a reduced rate. Most health plans do not cover medical transportation to a hospital or your home.

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We understand “life” happens and events occur that might prohibit a guest from honoring their reservation commitment with us. We remain sympathetic to these events; however our cancellation policy is administered without exception, no matter the “life” event. BECAUSE WE ARE NOT ABLE TO MAKE EXCEPTIONS TO THE CANCELLATION POLICY, REGARDLESS OF REASON OR CIRCUMSTANCE, WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE OUR GUESTS TO INVESTIGATE AN APPROPRIATE POLICY THAT WILL MEET THEIR SPECIFIC INDIVIDUAL CONCERNS AND REQUIREMENTS TO PREVENT DISAPPOINTMENT IN THE EVENT OF AN UNTIMELY NEED TO CANCEL THEIR RESERVATION.

Ship’s Knees Inn has partnered with Allianz Global a leading provider of travel related insurance plans. We offer this as a service to our guests & receive no commission or other compensation. Guests are encouraged to contact them directly, determine an appropriate plan, and/or investigate other insurers to compare and evaluate. A direct link is available on our website. Just click the link for additional information & rate quotes.

How Ship’s Knees Inn Administers Guest Reservations

Hotels and motels generally over book to compensate for last minute cancellations. Over booking is a part of yield management taught in all leading college level hospitality programs and practiced by virtually every major hotel or motel chain.

Normally, at small inns & bed & breakfasts overbooking is not practiced. At the Ship’s Knees Inn, we never over book. Your room is guaranteed & will be here when you arrive. No exceptions. No excuses. In order to be able to do so the cancellation policy must be designed and administered accordingly. To make sure that all guests are familiar with our cancellation policy it is presented on our website, identified in all printed literature, explained at the time of booking when booking by phone, appears as a check box item that must be checked off as read and agreed to when booking online, and is listed again in our emailed reservation confirmation letter.

The Ship's Knees Inn is open year round