Our 51st Season!

If the Shoe Fits

442 Main Street
Chatham, MA 02633
(508) 348-1926


Don’t let the name fool you, though this store’s impressive collection of shoes will make you swoon it’s so much more than the name implies. Ceci Hadawar brings sass, panache and her own personal style to her selections. Handbags for evening, everyday and just for fun are priced so that you need not carry just one. Clothing is flirty, skirts are flouncy and tops have flare. Color abounds. Coco Channel would have a field day with Ceci’s accessories – whoever said “less is more” couldn’t have been talking about fashion. (Actually he wasn’t, he was  referring to architecture, but if I know Mies van der Rohe I suspect his sentiment was all encompassing). That’s neither here nor there, whether you slip into a skirt that will induce inexplicable happiness or an exquisitely elegant pair of suede pumps this store is a perfect “fit”.