Our 51st Season!


1 Main Street
Orleans, MA 02653
(508) 240-1414
It’s a gift shop, it’s an art gallery, it’s ah, a tad overwhelming but in a good way. With so much to choose from it is no wonder you’re not sure where to look next. This shop is packed full of potential keepsakes, gifts, culinary delights, and decorative baubles. It’s first on the list for wedding gifts if the bride and groom have some connection to the Cape and Islands. The gold leaf Sperm Whales, Cod Fish, and scallop shells are stunning and reasonably priced. Made to stand up to all weather conditions they make lovely markers for the couple’s entry. The jewelry is unique and Sales Associates are quite knowledgeable about the artists. Their culinary corner provides great party ideas, dip mixes, condiments, cocktail accompaniments; big picture books that make it all seem easy to throw together cocktails and brunch in your outdoor garden for 25 on a Sunday morning. Who are those people? Do they really exist? One final note on Oceana, if you are worried about getting gift wrap, cards, tape and ribbon, worry not, they’ll do it for you and it’s a stunning presentation. You won’t be tempted to re-wrap it yourself later. Trust us.