Our 51st Season!

The Christmas Tree Shops

Route 6A @ Route 28, Orleans, MA
(508) 255-8494


I’ve been told that the clientele that visits the Ship’s Knees Inn wouldn’t be interested in shopping at the Christmas Tree Shops. Hogwash! We’ve stayed at the finest five-star hotels, the quaintest inns and a few ramshackle joints in between. Rich, poor, extravagant or frugal this store has something for everyone. It will either become your guilty pleasure or a boastful acclamation. If you like entertaining there is no end to the inexpensive party props required to set a scene, and why pay more, when you can pay less? From household cleaners, to food, furnishings, seasonal items and more, it amazes me still that the same items you can purchase elsewhere you can get here at a fraction of the price. I could get into an explanation of bulk buying and sourcing from China but that would bore you and the Christmas Tree Shop’s are most definitely not boring. Get there early or get there late, but don’t get there in the middle unless you spent another lifetime as a sardine and harbor fond memories for the experience.