Hiking and Biking on Cape Cod

Cape Cod is an ideal location for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities, such as hiking and biking. Numerous hiking and biking trails are available on Cape Cod, so it’s easy to find a trail that fits your ability and preferences. As you walk or bike these trails, you may pass ponds, marshes, beaches, cranberry bogs and even small villages. Many of these paths also offer reference maps, along with descriptions of any wildlife or landmarks you may see along the way.

Hiking on Cape Cod

There are more than 100 public hiking trails available on Cape Cod. Many of these trails were developed by Cape Cod Pathways, an initiative launched in 1993 with the goal of creating a network of walking trails throughout the area. Pathways range in length, and most are easily accessible. In fact, 34 trails can be accessed from a Cape Cod public transportation route. For more information about hiking and biking trails on Cape Cod, visit the Cape Cod Travel website.

Biking on Cape Cod

With nearly 400 square miles of terrain available, Cape Cod is one of the most exciting destinations for cyclists of all skill levels. This location boasts 114 miles of paved bike paths, hundreds of miles of trails through the woods and byways of varying lengths. With so much variety, any cyclist can find a trail to suit his or her needs. Ride during the day and return to your hotel at night, or pedal to a pond with a packed lunch and a beach towel. Many of Cape Cod’s scenic trails or bike paths also pass by eateries that cater to bicyclists. Some notable bike paths include:

  • Cape Cod Rail Trail – This trail is paved, 25 miles long and runs from Wellfleet to South Dennis. The trail is mostly flat with some minor inclines.
  • Old Colony Rail Trail – From Chatham to the Harwich roundabout, this is an extension of the Cape Cod Rail Trail.
  • Province Lands Bike Trail – Running next to some of the most breathtaking scenery on the Cape, this 5.25-mile trail is hard to beat.
  • Shining Sea Bikeway – This trail is nearly 11 miles long, relatively flat and runs along the coast from Falmouth to North Falmouth.

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