Recipe for Summer Breakfast -“Overnight Oats”

You might think, oatmeal served at room temperature….how good can this be? We began serving this recipe at the Inn breakfast about 2 years ago, but it has become surprisingly popular and one of our most requested recipes. Being a hot oatmeal lover, I was a little reluctant but became a big fan after my first serving! It is healthy & delicious as well.


The following will make about 12 servings. Use a larger bowl for the 4 cups of oats & 4 cups of milk & a slightly smaller bowl for each of the remaining of ingredients.

Larger bowl:  Mix

4 Cups  Gluten free or quick oats (Quaker Instant)
4 Cups  Unsweetened Soy or Almond milk

Slightly smaller bowl: Mix

1.5 Cups  Almond Butter
3 or 4  Bananas – mash with Almond Butter
1tsp  Vanilla
1Tbl  Cinnamon
¾ Cup  Maple Syrup
½ C   Chia Seeds

Mix the ingredients from both bowls together.  Add a bit more milk ½ – ¾ cups if necessary but it should have a nice creamy consistency- shouldn’t be too runny.  Place in the refrigerator overnight and serve at room temperature with sliced banana or blueberries and maple syrup on the side.

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